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6 Ways to Keep Track of Your Child's Progress

One of the main questions we get from parents is how to keep up to date on their child’s progress. The academic year moves quickly, and most families will come to the school once or twice a week. We’ve found these tips to be most useful in enabling parents to not only get the most out of their year with RSM, but also have no surprises on their child’s mathematical progress in the classroom.

5 Fun Summer Math Activities to Do With Your kids

Summer is a great time time for math to enter your family life in a casual format, without the stress of grades, homework, or commute. Use this time to fuel your child's interest in math. Children like to mimick adults, so if you find a math-related activity you yourself enjoy, your children will soon join in. Below are some of our suggestions for car-related activities, adding a bit of educational spice to those long summer road trips.

Free Time: The Lost Extra-Curricular Activity

In an effort to enable our kids to become perfectly well-rounded beings, packing their schedules as a result, we forget to offer them the one activity perhaps most beneficial to their development: free time.

Getting Girls Into Math

Any teacher will tell you that girls and boys behave differently in the classroom. In my experience, girls are less confident when faced with something they don't immediately understand - particularly math. And society encourages those fears. So how do we, as parents, affect change?

The Main Difference Between Weak and Strong Students

I taught for a number of years at a math and science school. All students in this school were accepted on a lottery system. And instead of an entrance exam, the students were given a math placement test. All entering kids were grouped by their math level, and in my first year the entering 6th-graders were sorted into 10 groups!

Worrying About College: How Early is Too Early?

Competition for colleges today is at an all-time high. And every parent wants to avoid the “junior-year rush”: the sudden realization that college is around the corner, followed by the hurried frenzy to pack their kids’ resumes with extra-curriculars, leadership accolades, and hours of community service. But how early is too early to start worrying?


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