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RSM at TED: Our own Director of Outreach spoke at TED in 2017

NPR: Why Thousands Of American Parents Are Sending Their Kids To 'Russian Math'

NPR Interview - Why Thousands Of American Parents Are Sending Their Kids to Russian Math (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Featuring the Russian School of Mathematics in their study of math education in America, NPR's Carey Goldberg discusses why so-called Russian math is so effective. "Inessa Rifkin, who co-founded the school 20 years ago in Newton, says that one-fifth of the town's elementary school students come to the Russian School of Mathematics these days. "We are taking what the Soviets did the best — math education — and we bring it out of that awful closed society to the free world," she says."




The Atlantic: A Pioneer in the Math Revolution

The Atlantic magazine - Math Revolution

Featuring RSM as one of the leading players in the "Math Revolution," The Atlantic article describes a new wave of interest in math education in the United States. Interviews with founders Inessa Rifkin and Irina Khavinson discuss the struggles most students experience in the current education system.





Boston Globe: Do Children Fear Math? What About Russian Math?

Boston Globe - Fear of Russian Math

The Boston Globe front page article "There's fear of math. Then there's fear of 'Russian math,'" delves deeper into the question 'what is Russian math?' as well as the mindset of parents who send their children to RSM, what a student can expect in an RSM classroom, and the real question: are Russian math teachers really so scary?






The Russian Math Revolution: NECN Feature

A Russian 'Revolution' In Math Education:

RSM was recently featured by NECN (a local NBC affiliate in New England). The crew interviewed founders Inessa Rifkin & Irina Khavinson and profiled several of the families that make the commitment to after-school math education.

The Boston Globe: Are After-School Math Centers Really Worth the Money?

Boston GlobeEXCERPT: Article by Hilary Levey Friedman on January 22, 2012

Chris Gabrieli, a former gubernatorial candidate, venture capitalist, and educational policy reform advocate, has five children, all of whom attended classes at the Russian School at various ages from kindergarten through middle school. He recalls stopping into an elementary school-level class one day and being struck by how all the kids were jumping out of their seats and shouting answers...“Seeing the enthusiasm and joy and excitement about the problem solving brought home that it’s a lot more than just grinding-it-out practice.”

The Boston Globe: Special Math Classes Helping Kids

Boston GlobeEXCERPT: From the Article by Steven Rosenberg on March 19, 2009

Parents see the class as an investment in their futures. With the economic downturn and the job market shifting ever more toward technology, parents say mathematics is essential to future careers. And with juniors from the school averaging 770 (out of 800) on their math SAT scores and most graduates going on to prestigious colleges and universities, some parents say it's not too early for students to look for an edge on the future.

"It's a competitive world," said Julia Hersey of Marblehead... she enrolled her 11-year-old daughter, Alex, in the program to help her better understand logic. "It's about critical thinking and feeling comfortable and being in an intellectual environment where it's OK to be a geek."

Newton Tab: Results Put Focus on Math and Science

EXCERPT FROM: article by Chrissie Long posted Nov 28, 2007.

Dozens of Newton families seek outside tutors, not necessarily to avoid failing grades, but to challenge their kids.Because individuals seek outside help, programs such as the Russian Math School and Math Monkey have thrived in Newton.After attending the Russian Math School, Dolan’s daughter was placed in ninth-grade honors and scores extremely well on state assessments. She’s successful not because she is a genius, Dolan said, but because she’s been challenged through an outside math school.


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