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Unpack The AMC 8 Series

Dive into the most challenging math problems that appear in AMC 8 competitions along with two-time IMO winner Dr. Hayk Sedrakyan!

During this interactive and engaging webinar, Dr. Sedrakyan will work through problem solving strategies for the most challenging and interesting problems seen on the AMC 8 competition. The topics will be as follows:

Topic 1: Geometry Theorems

In this webinar Dr.Hayk will take you through the most useful geometry theorems not covered in school programs but appear in AMC 8 contests. This includes Ceva's, Menelaus', Stewart's, Ptolemy's and Bretshneider's theorems.

Wednesday, October 7th at 4:30 PM EST [Register today] 


Topic 2: Number Theory Theorems

This webinar will cover AMC 8 problems that cover number theory theorems such as unique prime factorization theorem, number of divisors, sum and product of divisors.

Saturday, October 17th at 1 PM EST [Register today] 

Wednesday, October 21st at 4:30 PM EST [Register today] 


Topic 3: Algebra Theorems

This webinar will cover well known and new factorization and expansion formulas.

Wednesday, November 4th at 4:30 PM EST [Register today] 

Saturday, November 7th at 1 PM EST [Register today] 


AMC 8 is a math competition held annually by the Mathematical Association of America, and is designed for middle school students to challenge and strengthen their problem-solving skills. The AMC 8 is also the first in a series including AMC 10/12, and AIME, which can qualify students for the International Math Olympiad (IMO).  

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