Summer Homework Help is available at the days/times below. Note that no prior sign up is needed and you may attend either location.


Burlingame Location:

Wednesday, July 3rd, 6-8pm

Wednesday, July 10th, 6-8pm

Wednesday, July 17th, 6-8pm

Wednesday, July 24th, 6-8pm

Wednesday, July 31st, 6-8pm

Wednesday, August 7th, 6-8pm


San Mateo location:

Friday, July 12th, 3-6pm

Friday, July 19th, 3-6pm

Friday, July 26th, 3-6pm

Friday, August 2nd, 3-6pm

Friday, August 9th, 3-6pm


Online Homework Help for Grades 4-9 available for signup here. Note that all times are EST.


About RSM-Burlingame:

At the Russian School of Mathematics, RSM-Burlingame branch, we believe that a quality mathematics education is one of the most powerful tools you can provide a child. We view the widespread aversion to math in our culture and schools as a major problem. Our mission (especially at the elementary level) is to create a counter culture that embraces math as both exciting and useful. RSM's Burlingame math programs are not only designed for students who intend to study math in college. They are made to help widen opportunities in all fields by enhancing logic and critical thinking skills, developing math-specific abilities, and fostering a deep appreciation for the subject.

RSM-Burlingame serves Burlingame and the surrounding areas of Burlingame, Daly City, Hillsborough, Millbrae, Pacifica, San Francisco, South San Francisco. The best way to see if RSM is right for you and your child is to come in for a personalized evaluation where your child's math knowledge will be assessed and discussed with you. You can schedule a free math evaluation here.

About the Principal

Ian Nelson, Principal

Ian Nelson

Education: B.A. in Economics, Minor in Mathematics - UMass

Ian Nelson attended the Russian School of Mathematics for 3 years after asking his parents if he could go. He also attended RSM's Sunapee camp for 5 years, taught mathematics at the camp for 1 year, and even worked as teacher in RSM's headquarters in Newton for 3 years while studying as a fulltime student. He has been a part of the RSM family for a long time and knows the in's and out's of being both a student and a teacher.

He became the Vice Principal of Evergreen for 1 year before he decided to become the principal of RSM-Burlingame, a new branch serving the San Francisco area.

He enjoys problem solving and working with numbers, and remembers thinking to himself in one of his first RSM classes: "How cool would it be to do math all day as my job?" He learned from a young age the joy of math and was fascinated by the fact that math is all around us and is used throughout our daily lives. A strong believer that those who can do math can do anything, he strives to motivate students to do their best through hard work and dedication.

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