Pre K

The RSM Sandbox: Our Pre-K lessons are 60 minutes long. Of course, we do not expect three- and four- year old kids to sit at the desks and do math problems for 1 hour. Rather, we want them to play, and while playing, gain experiences that they will use in the future years. In a sense, our RSM Pre-K is the RSM Sandbox.Entry Knowledge:We expect that kids who join Pre-K are not afraid to spend some time with a few other kids and a teacher without a parent (or quickly learn it) and know how to use a pencil. No prior math knowledge is required.What We Do: In the games and activities, among much more we focus on...

  • Developing logical thinking: solving logic puzzles, using clues, continuing and describing patterns, analyzing and describing similarities and differences;
  • Developing number sense: comparing quantities, counting objects, counting ways, solving number puzzles;
  • Developing spatial sense: studying and sorting shapes, using them to make designs; studying solids; working with mazes;
  • Exposure to using math language and abstract symbols;
  • Developing love for math!

Expected Exit Knowledge: Developmentally, kids at this age are very different (and RSM Pre-K is adjustable for the differences). That’s why we do not expect our students to be at the same math level when they graduate. However, be assured that after completing RSM Pre-K, the math level of each student will be very different from their level before.

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