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About RSM-Naperville:




RSM-Naperville is the first branch of the Russian School of Mathematics in the Greater Chicago area.  The school opened in the fall of 2012 and now serves K- 12 students from Naperville and the surrounding communities of Lisle, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Newton, Westmont, Hinsdale, Chicago, Clarendon Hills and Darien.

Our mission is to use RSM’s well-structured teaching strategy to help our students build a solid math foundation and develop lifelong critical thinking skills. Our classroom-based approach is an alternative to math tutoring in Naperville that creates lasting results for students and parents. 

At RSM-Naperville, we believe that a quality mathematics education is one of the most powerful tools you can provide a child. We view the widespread aversion to math in the U.S. culture as a major problem. We strive to create a counter culture that embraces math as both exciting and useful. RSM is not just designed for students who intend to study math in college. It is designed to help widen opportunities in all fields by enhancing logic and critical thinking skills, developing math-specific abilities, and fostering a deep appreciation for the subject.


RSM at TED: Our own Director of Outreach spoke at TED in 2017


About the Principal

Dr. Tamara Korenman, Principal

Dr. Tamara Korenman

Education: Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Kansas State University

Dr. Tamara Korenman has more than 35 years of experience of teaching students of all ages: from primary grade students to doctoral students at the university level.  She was a teacher in Russia and a university professor in the United States. Her Ph. D in Curriculum&Instruction, numerous publications and conference presentations inspire scholars, teachers, parents, and community members to believe in the teaching methodology promoted by RSM. 

Dr. Tamara Korenman leads the Naperville branch and emphasizes the major differences of RSM program from all other Math related programs in the area.  These differences are: the award-winning curriculum, unique teaching methodology, and the social environment in which students learn the challenging subject with the support of each other and the teacher.

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