Summer School

Why attend the RSM-Newton Summer Math Program?

Research shows that on average, students regress one month in their scores and ability over the summer. Our summer math program is designed to allow students of all levels, from elementary to high school, to keep advancing in math over the summer. We are excited to let you know that we are offering a variety of new courses for our existing students. These include:

·  Math Challenge: Students are introduced to non-straightforward problems and are also prepped for various national and international math competitions. There will be no homework assigned in this class.

 · CalculusThis summer Calculus class is about developing a deeper understanding of calculus concepts. It is designed for students who would like to have a head start to get ahead of their peers for the fall Calculus classes. It will also benefit those who would like to receive an overview of single variable Calculus. This course covers certain topics and types of calculus problems from AP Calculus  exam.


·  Probability and Statistics: Offered for students who are interested in the science of drawing statistical conclusions using knowledge of probability. This course is especially useful for students who intend to take AP Statistics in school. Also beneficial for anyone who is interested in expanding their understanding and skills in combinatorics and probability - the main topics of all math competitions. Recommended for students starting grade 9 and up.

·  Geo 7 Prep.: For 7th grade students who have never taken geometry and want to continue into the advanced level in the Fall.

·  Geo 8 Prep.: For 8th grade students who have never taken geometry and want to continue to the advanced level in the upcoming fall. 

• Geo High School (HS): For 9/10th grade students who have never taken geometry and want to a solid foundation for geometry courses in high school.


For the following programming classes, our goal is to keep the students interested and teach them that programming can be engaging, fun, and creative! The specific languages used, and subjects taught will be flexible.


·  Basic Coding Middle School grades 5,6,7Introductory programming class which covers basic programming concepts and skills via real world examples and fun practice problems. Students will be using Scratch as a programming language and environment.

·  Basic Coding High School grades 8,9,10: Introductory programming class which will be taught in Python. Students will learn the syntax and structure of basic programs and how to write their own, with assignments being of a real-world problem solving nature.

·  Intermediate Coding MS grades 5,6,7: This class is for students who have already taken the basic Coding class last summer, or those who already have some coding experience. This class will go deeper into programming concepts using Scratch, with students learning about more complex programs and control flows.

·  Intermediate Coding HS grades 8,9,10: This class is for students who have taken the basic Coding class last summer, or those who already have some coding experience. This class will start with Python and will likely transition to Java later in the summer, in order to teach more complicated programming principles (Object Oriented Programming and basic sorting algorithms).

2017 Summer School: July 10th - August 17th

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Note: Schedule is subject to change based on actual enrollment and staffing needs
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