Online Program Details

What to Expect

During the lesson, students watch, listen and actively participate with the teacher, learning from their fellow classmates' participation, as the teacher writes on a whiteboard that all of the students will see. Students will be expected to respond to questions, complete the teacher’s assignments, and explain their solutions in real time.

When you sign up for a free math evaluation, you will take a tour of our classroom to get a feel for what a class would be like. 

Technical Requirements

You can test your system using our diagnostics. To participate in the online program, you will need:

  • A modern PC or Mac computer with sufficient memory.  Tablets are not supported for online class use.
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • A quality internet connection.
  • The latest version of Google Chrome.
  • A USB headset (headphones/microphone combination) is required; we recommend the Logitech H390, which can be bought on Amazon)
  • A web camera.
  • Students will sometimes be asked to send photocopies of their handwritten assignments to the teacher. This can be done with a regular scanner or by taking a quality picture with a smartphone.

Your computer should be set up in a quiet, comfortable environment with minimal distractions. 

Our online classes will begin promptly at the posted start time. The student should be logged in 10 minutes before class begins to ensure audio/video communication is working properly.

A headset is absolutely crucial. Bad sound quality from a single student effects everybody in the class.

We reserve the right to mute students if their audio setup causes noise in the online classroom environment.

Technical Support

We offer a technical setup session before your first class.  This allows parents and students to ensure that video/audio communication is working properly before students join the online class for the first time.

Our support assistance during each online class allows for minor technical help before class begins.  Should you have any trouble with your technical setup you can always request an additional technical support session or seek troubleshooting advice by phone or email. 


Homework assignments will be provided at the end of each lesson.  RSM Online Homework Check is an excellent tool and beneficial resource for students, parents, and teachers. You can read more about our Online Homework system here.

Homework Help Sessions

Students who wish to ask questions or get math help with their homework assignments outside of class may do so at the weekly Homework Help sessions. The help sessions are aan "open floor" format where students are invited to ask questions while the RSM tutor responds and makes clarifications. Students are not required to participate and can log in/out at any time. Each child's education is personalized to benefit his or her learning style.

Class Size

To ensure that each student receives quality instruction and sufficient personal attention, we limit online class sizes to 12 students . We may be increasing the class size gradually, to be certain that it remains as productive as our offline classes are, but our goal is always to benefit all students in the class.

Preliminary Evaluation / Placement Test

Participation in the program requires a preliminary evaluation. The main purpose of the evaluation is to gauge the level of each student to ensure that class placement aligns with that student's needs. For the entry-level classes, an evaluation is not required but highly recommended. 

Enrollment Priority

Online classes have a very limited capacity. RSM will consider applications in the order in which the original request was received. Preference will be given to former students who, due to geographical relocation,  can no longer continue their education at a physical RSM branch.

Students who live closer than 15 miles from a local RSM branch are not eligible for RSM-Online admission. If you have specific questions about your situation, please schedule a free math evaluation and the principal of the branch will meet with you to answer them.

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