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About RSM-Princeton:

RSM-Princeton is the first branch of the Russian School of Mathematics in New Jersey.

Our after-school math program serves students from Princeton and other New Jersey communities, including North and South Brunswick Townships, Plainsboro Township, Hightstown Borough, and Cranbury Township.

Our mission is to use RSM’s well-structured teaching strategy and award-winning math school curriculum to help students build a solid math foundation. By participating in the program, students develop lifelong critical thinking skills. Schedule a free math evaluation to understand your child's needs and how we can meet them.

At RSM-Princeton, we believe that a quality mathematics education is one of the most powerful tools a child can gain. As an alternative to math tutoring in the local community, RSM is not only for students who intend to study math in college or become mathematicians. It’s designed to widen students’ opportunities in all fields by fostering:

-Enhanced logic and critical thinking skills

-Math-specific abilities

-A deep appreciation for the subject

About the Principal

Tatyana Merkuryev, Principal

Tatyana Merkuryev


M.S., Applied Mathematics and CyberneticsTver State University, Russia

 Born and raised in Russia, Tatyana developed her interest in math at an early age when she learned to love solving math Olympiad problems! She then participated in regional math Olympiad competitions during her high school years. In 1993, she graduated from Tver State University with a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. Her specialization led her into a teaching career where she got to teach algebra and geometry in public high schools and later at Russian School of Mathematics for students in grades 4-8.  She has been teaching math for over 12 years and has taught students of all grade levels. She strives to help her students understand and apply mathematics to their lives and future.   


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