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Parent Handbook
Please download a copy of our Parent Handbook for important information regarding our policies and what to expect at RSM


Welcome to the Russian School of Mathematics! We look forward to a productive and happy relationship with your family. The following policies have been created to help ensure the smooth operation and safety of our program.


After completing your online application you will receive a first email confirming the application. Once your enrollment is processed, you will receive a second e-mail confirming your child’s spot in the class and providing instructions on how to make a payment. You will also receive a tuition statement within 2-3 business days after the application is processed by the school.

If your child attends an eligible class, you will receive a link to our "Homework Online" program a few weeks before your first class. Homework online gives students real time feedback and parents unparalleled transparency into their child's math development. We are expanding it slowly to all of our middle and high school classes.

Please remember that an application alone does not guarantee you a spot in one of our classes. A registration fee is required in order for class placement to be finalized.

Registration Fee

All students enrolled for the fall & spring semesters are required to pay a $100 non-refundable annual registration fee. This fee reserves your place in class. A placement in class is not guaranteed until the registration fee is received.

The fee is reduced to $80 for students registering after January 1st and to $40 after April 1st.

No registration fee is required to be paid for Summer School.

Tuition & Payment Policies

  • Payment Plans. RSM offers two payment plans for the academic year:
    A Semester Plan. Fall tuition (Sep to Jan) is due by Aug 1st & Spring Tuition (Feb to Jun) is due by Jan 1st. 
    A Monthly Plan.   A monthly installment plan is available but in order to set it up an additional fee of $46 per family per year will be applied. Parents pay one month in advance with a last payment in April.
  • Tuition is Charged One Month Ahead. Regardless of payment plan, all tuition is charged one month ahead (so for example October tuition will be charged no later than September 1st, and September tuition is due in August). Charging one month ahead allows RSM to plan ahead and enforce our cancellation policy.
  • Joining Mid-Year. For students who start mid-year, tuition is prorated based on the first class attended and the number of classes remaining in the year. No pro-ration is made for students who miss classes throughout the year.
  • Late Fees .  All tuition is due on the 1st day of the month. RSM-Toronto charges a $35 late payment fee on the 5th of the month. 


Payment Methods


  Choose from the following options:

               - Interac e-Transfer 

                                  1.  Sender’s email should be the same as email you used to enroll in RSM Parent Portal

                                  2.  To Add New Recipient, use torontotuition@russianschool.com

                                  3.  Please use welovemath as a Security Response

                                  4.  In Comments enter your 13 digit Family ID


                 - Pre-Authorized Debit (customer will be required to sign PAYOR’S PAD AGREEMENT)

                                  Please contact our school for more information

 Withdrawal Refunds and Cancellation Policy

 We are committed to making sure every child has a great experience at RSM. Sometimes we may need work together to find the right class options for your child. Please get in touch with us early if you have concerns about your child’s progress or are in any way dissatisfied. Cancellation policies are determined by student status at the time of withdrawal. 

  • New students may withdraw from our program at any time during their first 20 lessons. Your child may attend the next 4 classes following the cancellation notice up until lesson 20. Any remaining tuition (after the 4 lessons) will be refunded. After lesson 20 all new students are considered continuing and should follow the cancellation policy of a continuing student.

We believe that Mathematics cannot be taught in the space of a few lessons and we ask that continuing students familiar with RSM make at least a term based commitment to the program and will only refund tuition for continuing students during the first six lessons of the year (see below). 

If you do decide to withdraw your child from school, please email our school with:

  • Your child's full name
  • The date of the last class he/she attended
  • The reason for withdrawal.

We always appreciate any feedback, so please tell us your honest feedback.

Withdrawal Policy For Continuing Students

Continuing students refund amount is prorated based on the time of the withdrawal. Please see details below:

Refund of the Fall Term (September - January) will be processed only after the school receives a written notification as follows:

  • 100% of tuition (all 5 months) is refunded if the cancellation notification is received before the start of classes
  • 80% of tuition (the last 4 months) is refunded if the cancellation notification is received before the second lesson
  • 60% of tuition (the last 3 months) is refunded if the notification is received before the third lesson
  • 40% of tuition (the last 2 months) is refunded if the notification is received before the fourth lesson
  • 20% of tuition (the last month) is refunded if the notification is received before the sixth lesson
  • There are NO REFUNDS for the Fall semester after the 6th lesson

For continuing students withdrawing during the Spring Term (February - June), a FULL REFUND will be issued if a withdrawal notice is received by Lesson 20.  After Lesson 20 no refunds will be issued for the Spring Term.

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