Entrance to school is located in the building behind the Saint Demetrious Church.

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About RSM-Weston:

RSM-Weston, the newest branch of the Russian School of Mathematics in Massachusetts, will be opening and enrolling in the fall of 2016 in Weston, MA. The new RSM school, a campus of RSM-Newton, opened in response to a high demand for after-school math enrichment from Weston and the surrounding communities of Wayland and Lincoln.

As a branch of the award-winning Russian School of Mathematics, our mission is to help our K-12 students build a solid math foundation and develop the critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We achieve this through a combination of great curriculum and exceptional teaching.

About the Principal

Ralitsa Dimitrova, Principal

Ralitsa Dimitrova

Education: M.S. in Economics, Minor in Education

With a strong leadership and economics background and almost a decade of teaching experience, Ralitsa Dimitrova was a natural choice to help run RSM-Newton. She brings a unique perspective as both a long time RSM-Newton parent as well as a talented teacher and administrator. She works continuously to make sure that RSM-Newton and its campuses in Brookline, Wellesley, and Weston remain dynamic and flexible for all families.

Ralitsa first discovered RSM over seven years ago as a parent. Her two sons, Dimitar and Boris, both attended the school and have found great success as members of the RSM community. The boys' high scores on their SATs, AMC 8, 10, and 12, and AIME qualified them to join the school as math tutors.

About the Vice-Principal

Angela Dzhitenov, Vice-Principal

Angela Dzhitenov

Education: M.S. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Latvia

After graduating with a Master’s in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and working at the Academy of Science of Latvia (Institute of Electronics and Computer Science), Angela took a detour to spend some time working as a graphic designer in advertising. Her love of math pulled her back to work for RSM, where she has been an avid teacher for the past three years.

Her two children are RSM students and her oldest son is graduating from the Queen Mary University of London with a focus in Theoretical Physics, something she is proud of and feels demonstrates the success of the RSM approach. She feels that the RSM curriculum is an invitation for students to think and explore. Instead of focusing on teachers providing solutions, she highlights that RSM thrives by training students to find their own solutions independent of outside instruction. One of the best advantages to RSM that Angela has found is that student challenges are adjustable at the earliest stage of education onward, making one kind of problem applicable to higher levels with simple tweaks. This model offers a new way to enjoy math, by creating excitement in collecting and organizing knowledge into digestible information.

Angela is excited to become the Vice Principal for the RSM-Weston branch in Massachusetts and is taking over as Vice Principal of Wellesley this Fall, with the hope to expand the availability of the supportive and nurturing RSM environment.

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