We are accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2018 . To see the schedule for Summer, please follow: https://www.russianschool.com/location/westwood/summer-school. To see the schedule for Fall, please follow: https://www.russianschool.com/location/westwood/schedule To see if RSM-Westwood is right for you, schedule a free math evaluation to meet with us and discuss how our math curriculum can help your child.

About RSM-Westwood:

RSM-Westwood, a campus of RSM-Newton, opened in response to a high demand for after-school math enrichment from Westwood and the surrounding communities of Dover, Dedham, Medfield, and Needham. 

As a branch of the award-winning Russian School of Mathematics, our mission is to help our K-12 students build a solid math foundation and develop the critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We achieve this through a combination of great curriculum and exceptional teaching.


About the Dean of Students

Olga Pristin, Dean of Students

Olga Pristin

Education: M.S., Education

Olga Pristin has taught math at elementary and middle school levels since 1996. She started to teach at RSM in 2008 and immediately enrolled her own two children in the program. As the Dean of Students at RSM-Newton she works tirelessly to ensure that all children are placed in the proper classes. Olga is also a devoted runner who has participated twice in Boston Marathon – in 2007 and 2008.

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