We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2018! To view the schedule, please follow: https://www.russianschool.com/location/westwood/schedule

About RSM-Westwood:

RSM-Westwood, a campus of RSM-Newton, opened in response to a high demand for after-school math enrichment from Westwood and the surrounding communities of Dover, Dedham, Medfield, and Needham. 

As a branch of the award-winning Russian School of Mathematics, our mission is to help our K-12 students build a solid math foundation and develop the critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We achieve this through a combination of great curriculum and exceptional teaching.


About the Dean of Students

Angela Eidelman, Dean of Students

Angela Eidelman

Education: M.S., Mathematics & Math Education

Angela Eidelman always knew that she wanted to be a teacher, and never doubted her career choice. After getting her Master degree in Mathematics and Math Education at the University of Zaporozhye Ukraine, she started her dream career. In 2012 Angela came to RSM primarily because she was interested in learning how Russian School of math introduces kids to algebra at their early age. Since that time, she has been enjoying teaching elementary school students. 
Many children think that they don't like math because they don't understand it, or because it doesn't click right away. But, during her lessons and evaluations, Angela proves that with a bit of patience, and the right teaching methodology - math can be fun and enjoyable! 
Angela has a passion for teaching and values the lessons and skills that the RSM program offers its students. 

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