AMC-8 2012 Award Winners

AMC-8 2012 Award Winners

Being still a 6th-grader at RSM makes one capable to compete with 8th-graders internationally in AMC-8 Competition.Just look at those 6th-graders!  Most of them have been with RSM for 2-3 years.

  1. Hensen Lillemark, Score 19, Honor Roll
  2. Duane Lathrop, Score 18, Honor Roll
  3. Tyler McNierney, Score 17, Achievement Roll
  4. Mario Goranov, Score 16, Achievement Roll
  5. Brianna McColm, Score 15, Achievement Roll

And these are our top 5th-graders scores. This has been their 3rd year in RSM, San Jose:

  1. Brian Yang, Score 18, Honor Roll
  2. Eisho Takatsuji, Score 18, Honor Roll

Last but not least, our cheers go to the two students of Grade 8 who won the Distinction Certificate this year:

  1. Eric Wang, Score 23, Distinction
  2. Ariel Schreiman, Score 21, Distinction

Well done, Everyone!

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