Pi Day Celebration

Pi Day Celebration

Please, join us for our Pi day celebration and Math Art Exhibit on March 14th, 2-6 pm. at 50 Cross St., Winchester.

We are very excited to invite the public to take part in our our annual RSM-Winchester Math Art Exhibit that will be unveiled on March 14th! These projects illuminate the beautiful and brilliant connections between two seemingly unrelated disciplines in vibrant and unexpected presentations!

We invite you to participate. Please find instructions below:

  • Participants can include: an existing RSM student or friend or family member, prospective student, or teacher.
  • Your project should reflect the connection between Math and Art but can be in any format: picture, sculpture, poem, instrumental music, or song.
  • Projects will be judged on originality and creativity
  • Help us by voting for your favorite projects!
  • – on our Facebook page, facebook.com/rsmwinchester by ‘liking’ your favorite project, or – at the day of our Exhibit, during RSM-Winchester Pi Day Celebration by casting your vote live.

Pi Day Schedule

2 – 6pm
• math games - school tours - music performances - math project presentations; • free math evaluation - voting for best math art project - fun – for everyone.

2:30 pm
• Lecture ‘The irrational ways of the world’ by Dr. Olga Belyavsky

3:14 pm
•‘Math Pie’ eating competition – competition to recite the most numbers in pi. • Students vs parents math teams competition

4 – 4:30 pm
• Lecture ‘Early exposure to mathematics and future academic achievement’ by Dr. Marina Vasilyeva‘

4:30 – 5 pm
• Math Art Exhibit and Continental Math League Olympiad winners announced, awards ceremony

5-5:30 pm
• RSM-Winchester Public speaking class presentation

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