RSM Enters New York Market

RSM Enters New York Market

NEW YORK, Sept 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM), the award-winning after-school math program renowned for developing excellence in mathematics and lifelong critical thinking skills, marks its entry into the New York market with the opening of two math schools - in Brooklyn and Port Washington. The move comes in response to growing demand for advanced after-school math education from families of K-12 children in these communities.

Both New York math schools will be run by Branch Director Victoria Gartstein, a veteran math teacher and Long Island native who brings to her role nearly a decade of teaching experience.

Please visit an Open House to learn more about RSM's program and to receive a free math evaluation. Brooklyn's Open House will be held on Sept. 14th from 3 - 5 pm, Port Washington's on Sept. 21st from 3 - 5 pm.

Fall classes are now enrolling at both branches. The Brooklyn math school will hold classes at Elite Academy of Science & Technology (EAST) 2115 Benson Ave. in Brooklyn. The Port Washington math school will hold classes at the Vincent Smith School 322 Port Washington Blvd.

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Inessa Rifkin and Irina Khavinson, the two Russian immigrant women who started the Massachusetts-based Russian School of Mathematics in 1997, believe that anyone can do well in math given the right learning environment. For more than a decade, RSM students have consistently posted top scores in national and international math competitions and on standardized tests. But as the founders point out, achieving top test scores is just one of the benefits of RSM's math enrichment program. RSM students also see higher grade point averages in school, more confidence, and a strengthening of problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The key, they say, is creating an enjoyable learning environment that emphasizes understanding over rote memorization and having a systematic curriculum and well-trained, enthusiastic teachers who can pass their love of math on to their students.

Once based in the Rifkin family living room, the school's aim has always been to help students get into the best colleges by giving them a set of skills they would find valuable in any profession. RSM has seen demand for its math program increase dramatically over the years and the math school today enrolls more than 12,000 students at its 23 locations in eight states.

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