Winchester Offers Two Exciting New Summer Courses!

Winchester Offers Two Exciting New Summer Courses!

RSM-Winchester is providing two new summer courses for students interested in trying something new:

The Course of Music Appreciation

This course is an exciting program that combines fundamental principles of the elements of music, solfege, ear training, music theory and music history. This class will incorporate the basics of music notation and sight-reading as well as history and classification of music instruments as members of different types of the orchestra. We will compare and explore different styles of music as well as build an appreciation for variety.

This course will be taught by Sergey Khanukaev, an accomplished maestro and professor with over thirty years of experience in Russia, Israel, and the United States.

The Music Appreciation course is designed for students entering grades 3–8. The class will meet once a week on Tuesdays 4–5 PM, the cost for 6 weeks is $150. (Playing on a musical instrument is not required.)

Public Speaking Course

A program that will help our kids express themselves, eliminate fears of speaking in front of others, strengthen their self-confidence and develop their leadership skills.

Public Speaking for Youth was founded by Roberta Chadis, a former VP of the Advanced Access Toastmasters Club, in 2012 with the mission to help children develop speaking and leadership skills which will give them an advantage as they grow in all areas of their lives. Partnering with RSM, Roberta has created a program that will integrate speaking skills with mathematics to help students express themselves more clearly and feel comfortable talking in front of a group.

Public speaking class will meet once a week on Thursday 5–6 PM, the cost for 6 weeks is $150.

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