Russian School of Mathematics

This Summer, Russian School of Mathematics Opens in Dublin, California!

As a branch of the award-winning Russian School of Mathematics, we combine a systematic math curriculum with exceptional teaching. Our after school math program helps students build a solid math foundation and lifelong critical thinking skills.

Designed as an effective alternative to math tutoring, our program provides rigorous mathematical training that will help your child excel at Algebra, Geometry and more. Whether your child needs to brush up on math or does not feel challenged in school, we can help. We provide something that traditional math tutors can't:  the opportunity to study mathematics in a fun and naturally challenging classroom environment where students benefit from each other's progress and make friends.

Our math school provides a world-class mathematics education with an emphasis on problem-solving skills and critical thinking. The RSM Curriculum includes all requirements for ISEE, SAT-I, SAT-II, ACT and AP, as well as opportunities to prepare for and participate in mathematics competitions and Olympiads.

RSM-Dublin gives children a solid mathematics education and the skills they need to succeed on the SAT. The results speak for themselves; just compare RSM's average math SAT score of 774 (out of 800) to California's average math SAT score of 516.

The new school will be led by Inna Novitskaya .

Inna is an education professional who has over ten years of experience tutoring math to students of all ages. 
After earning graduate degree, Inna was offered an Assistant Professor position at her University where she taught Mathematics and Logic for several years. Later she worked as an instructor of Higher Mathematics and Theory of Probability delivering lectures and consulting students with math at the Institute of International Business, Russia. 
When her family moved to Canada, she joined YWCA After-School Program where she was responsible for planning and implementing stimulation programs that promoted children’s social, cognitive, and physical growth.
With her rich experience in the fields of math and teaching, she began working with the Russian School of Math in San Jose as a teacher for grades 4 to 10. As she takes on her new role as the principal of RSM’s brand new branch in Dublin, she is excited to utilize her deep knowledge of math concepts and teaching talent.


Comes to Dublin, CA this Summer.
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