Russian School of Mathematics

Russian School of Mathematics Now in a Virtual Classroom! 

Russian School of Mathematics offers online lessons to students in grades 4-8. Participating students are joining live interactive audio-video online sessions from home and receive same quality instruction offered in RSM classrooms. 

Using our Virtual Classroom is as easy as clicking the link.  Schedule a free online math evaluation and a meeting with the school principal, and you will see how it works.

We are thrilled to be building interstate learning communities. Today RSM-Online serves students from over 20 US states: students from Wisconsin and Texas, Arizona and Kansas, Michigan and Illinois, and nearly every coastal state.  Our virtual classroom provides  kids with the unique opportunity to study mathematics in a fun interactive and naturally challenging  virtual classroom environment where students both benefit from each other's progress and make friends.  

We teach our students to love the beauty of mathematics and to enjoy the intellectual challenge as we do. As part of the broader RSM community, we provide a world-class math education with an emphasis on problem solving skills and critical thinking.  We believe that education can stimulate intellectual development and that early math education  effects the way brain functions. We help our students build excellence in math and develop lifelong critical thinking and learning skills. 

Now in a Virtual Classroom!
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