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Summer is the Best Time to Advance in Math

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Why attend Summer School at RSM?

Summer math programs are a great opportunity for students to learn and advance without the typical pressures of the academic year.

RSM offers a variety of courses through its summer enrichment program - for those students looking to get a head start on the academic year, or for those looking for an additional challenge in math. Course details are provided below:

Learning comes easily when your child is well rested

Let our intensive six-week summer math enrichment program prepare your child for the year ahead, while reinforcing the work done over the year.


Pre-K & Kindergarten

It’s never too soon to build a strong foundation in math. Young students are exposed to numbers and basic math operations. These courses prepare kids for elementary school math and give students the opportunity to explore math concepts.

elementary school math

Math for Grades 1 - 6

RSM’s elementary school summer math classes are specially designed to pique young students’ interests in math and develop a strong foundation of logic and quantitative reasoning.

Our unique summer math courses hone students' analytical skills and enhance their number sense by introducing them to abstract concepts. At each grade level, we have program offerings that are catered to both more advanced math students seeking an extra challenge and students seeking math support. 

high school prep

Preparation for High School Math

High school math introduces a new level of rigor. RSM’s summer classes prepare students for the increased challenge of high school mathematics.

Our Algebra and Geometry summer math courses build up students’ prerequisite skills and front-load the key concepts of high school math. Students who complete RSM’s high school math preparation classes outperform their peers.

high school math

High School Math

For high school students, we offer classes in specific math concentrations to sharpen skills and improve performance. Our high school summer math course offerings include Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Precalculus/Trigonometry, Calculus, and SAT prep. 

contest level math

Contest Level Math

RSM’s Contest Level Math is for advanced math students at various age levels who seek extra math challenges and enjoy solving complex problems.

In our advanced summer math courses, students are introduced to non-straightforward problems. Students are also prepped for various national and international math competitions.

What to Expect


6 weeks: 2 classes per week

Our summer program is a six-week course with 2 two hour classes a week that builds, develops and reinforces the work done over the year and prepares students for the year ahead.


The Classroom

A classroom environment is key to our methodology. Classes consist of up to 12 students and an expert teacher leading an interactive lesson.

Intro to RSM

Introduction to RSM

Summer is a great way for new students to introduce themselves to our program so they can get comfortable with our approach and prepared for the full year courses without the additional burdens they face during the school year.

A Unique Curriculum

A Unique Curriculum

Our summer schedule is designed for students of all age levels, from Kindergarten to Calculus and SAT preparation.

 Summer Chess and Coding Classes are also available at select RSM branches.

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