Why Classroom Math Beats Math Tutoring

RSM is an after-school math program, but it isn’t like other math tutoring centers. Check out the chart below to understand how RSM services differ from tutoring for math:


Math Tutoring CentersRussian School of Mathematics
Conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions isolated from other studentsPromotes communication and cooperation with peers through interactive classroom settings
Offer short-term fixes to learning problemsFosters long-term critical thinking skills
Force memorization of need-to-know-now concepts, which are then easily forgottenBuilds a life-long foundation of deep mathematical knowledge
Can worsen the association of fear and dislike with mathematicsEncourages students to understand math as a fun and useful subject
Start fixing students’ problems in math after they developProvides early math instruction that helps students throughout their education


Why Choosing RSM over Math Tutoring Centers Works

While math tutors at other after-school math programs may be knowledgeable and able to provide some good learning methods, the chart above shows that RSM has a more holistic and long-term learning approach. We engage and challenge students to solve problems using their current knowledge combined with the environment surrounding them.

Our math teachers understand that students can benefit from math throughout their entire education and life beyond school. The problem-solving skills children can develop by learning in-depth concepts and cooperating with peers and teachers foster analytical thinking. By encouraging children to think critically, RSM teaches not only math but also life-long learning skills.

RSM starts educating children in kindergarten, introducing them to algebraic concepts that are more difficult to learn at a later stage in development. These children develop advanced thinking skills that allow them to succeed throughout their education, including subjects other than math. With this holistic learning approach, students learn to analyze situations and solve complicated problems. Rather than simply giving them the answer, which often happens in tutoring for math, RSM offers students the tools they need to solve a wide range of in-depth problems.

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