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Building Powerful Minds Through Mathematics

Our award winning K-12 after-school math program has empowered students to achieve excellence for over twenty five years.

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We use the rigorous study of mathematics as a vehicle to develop our students’ math fluency, intellect, and character, empowering them for life.

Our Programs

With multiple levels for every grade as well as a selective competitions program, we are able to best serve each child’s development based on his or her knowledge and ability.

Elementary (K-2) &arr;
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Elementary (3-5) &arr;
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Middle School &arr;
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High School &arr;
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Masha German's TED Talk titled Uncertain Times Call for Certain Math
RSM is "one of the top 10 schools" and its students "some of the brightest young people in the world."
Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
Students are required to think their way through logic problems that can be resolved only with creative use of the math they’ve learned.
The Atlantic
American Students Turning to "Russian Math"
NPR's Here & Now
The idea is that students are capable of understanding complex mathematical concepts, making kids stretch their brains.
The Boston Globe

Our Results

Our students post remarkable scores on math competitions, see higher grades in school, and build a lasting confidence in their math and learning abilities overall.

Our students experience soaring confidence and grades
Team RSM places 6th out of 150 on the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament
Every 4th RSM student who participated scored in the top 5% on the AMC8!
RSM alumni go on to attend the best universities in the world
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RSM went beyond maths, as our children learned a rigorous approach to any problems. I do find that they use much logic and critical thinking in every aspect of their lives, and I am convinced it is the result of how they have been taught at RSM to tackle a new challenge!  
Nathalie deFontnouvelle
RSM Parent
Hand written letter from a student to an RSM teacher showing gratitude for the values of the Russian Math approach
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Our Statement on the Russian Military Invasion of Ukraine

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