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6 Ways to Keep Track of Your Child's Progress

One of the main questions we get from parents is how to keep up to date on their child’s progress.

One of the main questions we get from parents is how to keep up to date on their child’s progress. The academic year moves quickly, and most families will come to the school once or twice a week. We’ve found these tips to be most useful in enabling parents to not only get the most out of their year with RSM, but also have no surprises on their child’s mathematical progress in the classroom. 

1. Your teacher is always your greatest resource

Stay in touch with your teacher. The best format is email, and you should have (or will soon be receiving) an introductory email from your child’s teacher. Teachers are available for meetings with parents. If you have concerns or just want to know about what your child is doing in the classroom, don’t hesitate to set an appointment. Finally, take advantage of organic drop-by’s. The best times are in the 10 minutes before or after your child’s class starts.

2. Make sure your teacher knows the specifics about your child...

Does your child learn best in the front row? Does she concentrate better with a friend next to her, or should we make sure to separate them? Does he prefer a nurturing environment or require a bit more discipline? Our teachers mostly see their students once a week, so it takes some time to learn the nuances of each child. Do what you can to accelerate this process by sharing with your teacher the specifics of your child’s needs in a learning environment.

3. But stay open to your teacher’s suggestions.

Children often behave differently in the classroom than at home. Your teacher might have a different perspective of your child’s behavior and nuances than you, and may make some suggestions in terms of what he or she needs to be successful in the classroom. 

4. Know the other resources available to you at your branch

All branches have a principal who is, first and foremost, an expert teacher who has experienced hundreds of students. Some branches also have Vice Principals and Deans of Students, all of whom are there to answer your questions and offer suggestions.

5. Understand RSM’s Philosophy

What we do at RSM is unique. We are more than an after-school math program. Years of development have gone into our curriculum, approach, and methodology. Most of our principals have had the benefit of guiding hundreds of students from elementary school to high school. Principal’s meetings are a good venue to learn in more depth what we do, and what other benefits you can gain from the school aside from what we do in the classroom.

6. Follow your child’s academic progress

Make sure you check the results of your child’s homework. It will give you a very quick sense of what your child is catching on to quickly, and what he or she might be struggling with. If your teacher spots any long-term challenges, she will contact you. Homework online, a tool that will this year be available to all algebra students in grades 5 - 9, will immediately inform you and your child of challenge and strength areas.

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