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What do intellect and character have to do with mathematics?

The importance of math education has always been a feeling that has united the RSM community, but that feeling has been difficult to articulate as it is so ingrained in who we are and in our hopes for our children.

In the last year we have taken time to speak with our parents, teachers, and alumni about why they value mathematics and the way it is taught at RSM. We're excited to share that we’ve synthesized this feeling - the reasons behind our shared passion for math, our approach to teaching math, and the traditions that have shaped this approach.  
We use the study of mathematics as a vehicle to develop:

Math Fluency - our students' mathematical knowledge and skill.

Intellect - the ability to think, to reason, and to approach a problem one has never seen before. 

Character - the ability to not only persist through, but to also enjoy, intellectual challenge and the process of overcoming it.

We believe these are the three main factors that make up powerful and confident minds, and empower our students for life.

To our parents - we thank you for entrusting us with your children’s math education. It is a responsibility we hold very dear.

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