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About RSM-Belmont:

RSM-Belmont is a branch of the Russian School of Mathematics, the award-winning, after-school math program for K-12 children that is based on the best practices of math schools in the former Soviet Union and Europe and adapted to the U.S. educational environment. Our mission is to help our students develop mathematical excellence and lifelong critical thinking skills using our unique curriculum and exceptional teachers. RSM-Belmont opened in Fall 2015 and will serve students in Belmont and the neighboring communities of Cambridge, Arlington, Watertown, Waltham, and Somerville.

About the Principal

Sona Antonyan, Principal

Sona Antonyan

Education: M.Ed., Mathematics and Computer Science
M.Ed., Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation

Sona Antonyan comes from a family of teachers, so it's no surprise that she found that her passion was in teaching as well. She began teaching while still earning her degree and became a licensed teacher's trainer when her enthusiasm and drive allowed her to inspire and teach others. She also became involved with experimental learning methodologies designed to enhance students' engagement with mathematics.

After immigrating to the United States, she began to study and work at Boston College, where she also supervised future teachers' practicums in public schools. Soon after discovering RSM through her colleagues, Sona began teaching at the school. In 2010, Sona founded the RSM-Lexington branch, one of the fastest growing schools in the area. In 2015, when offered the opportunity to open RSM-Belmont, Sona accepted with no hesitation.

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