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About RSM-Manhattan:

We are proud to announce our new Manhattan location for the Russian School of Mathematics! RSM-Manhattan provides a world-class after school math enrichment program for students grades K-12. Our program emphasizes excellence in mathematics, problem solving and critical thinking skills starting from a young age. Over time, our students see higher test scores, better grades in school, more self confidence, and admission to top universities. Our after school math program opens soon and is conveniently located in Manhattan. We also offer math tutoring and other math enrichment programs, including math competition classes.

RSM’s mission is to use our well-structured teaching strategy and award-winning math school curriculum to help students build a solid math foundation. We believe that a quality education in mathematics is one of the most powerful tools a child can gain. As an alternative to math tutoring, RSM goes beyond teaching the students who intend to study math in college or become mathematicians. It’s designed to widen students’ opportunities in all fields by fostering:

  • Enhanced logic and critical thinking skills
  • Math-specific abilities
  • A deep appreciation for the subject

The best way to see if RSM is right for you and your child is to come in for a personalized evaluation where your child's math knowledge will be assessed and discussed with you. You can schedule a free math evaluation here.

About the Principal

Maria Gofshteyn, Principal

Maria Gofshteyn

Education: M.Sc. in Microbiology, Minor in Education


Maria first enrolled her son into RSM in 1998, the second year of the school's existence. After graduating from the school in 2003, he went on to matriculate at Brown and Columbia Universities, and now works at a hedge fund in New York City. Maria has remained passionately involved in the RSM community even after her son's graduation. In 2013, she opened RSM-Winchester and are now preparing to open RSM-Manhattan.

Maria believes that an early start in mathematics is critical to future success no matter what the career choice. As parent, she believes that a good education in math is one of the greatest assets that can be bestowed to our children.

Maria attended Gorky University, where she earned a Master's in Microbiology and Education, she went on to teach Microbiology at the university level before moving to the U.S. and shifting to laboratory work. After 20 years, she returned to her roots at RSM as an educator and a principal. She found that her solid background in mathematics to be invaluable in her later work, and that has fueled her passion in opening the Winchester MA and Manhattan branches.



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