About RSM-Toronto:

RSM-Toronto provides a world-class after school math enrichment program for students in grades Sr. K-12. Our program emphasizes excellence in mathematics, problem solving and critical thinking skills starting from a young age. Over time, our students see higher test scores, better grades in school, more self confidence, and admission to top universities.

RSM’s mission is to use our well-structured teaching strategy and award-winning math curriculum to help students build a solid math foundation. We believe that a quality education in mathematics is one of the most powerful tools a child can gain. As an alternative to math tutoring, RSM goes beyond teaching the students who intend to study math in university or become mathematicians. It’s designed to widen students’ opportunities in all fields by fostering:

  • Enhanced logic and critical thinking skills

  • Math-specific abilities

  • A deep appreciation for the subject

RSM-Toronto serves the areas of Midtown Toronto, York, East York, York Mills, Lawrence Park, and North York. The best way to see if RSM is right for you and your child is to come in for a free personalized evaluation where your child's math knowledge will be assessed and discussed with you. You can schedule a free math evaluation here.


About the Principal

Inga Anisova, Principal

Inga Anisova

Education: PhD in Physics and Math and M.S. in Physics of Atmosphere from Moscow State University

Ms. Anisova has spent her career in the sciences and education. In Moscow, she worked as a researcher, studying the Atmospheric Ozone and Tropical cyclones. Following her 2005 move to Canada, Ms. Anisova discovered the significant differences between the Soviet and Canadian math curricula as she helped to integrate her own children into school life. She jumped into tutoring her own son and his friends, and quickly began a 13 year long career as an educator, working as a math and physics teacher at a local Toronto after school program, and developing the curricula for both based on the Soviet approach and methodology. Ms. Anisova firmly believes that all children are talented in mathematics - for some, that talent is explicit, and for others, it's hidden. The job of a teacher is to empower children to discover their own hidden talents in mathematics and enable them to reach success. A competitive swimmer in the Soviet Union, Ms. Anisova teaches math like she learned to swim competitively - inspiring in her students character, persistence, work ethic, and to always find the best solution in any situation.

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