Math Competition Programs

Math Competition Preparation at RSM 


In addition to the regular academic program at RSM, the competition preparation programs are designed for students interested in advanced mathematical topics as well as participating in regional, national and international math contests. As an add-on to our elementary, middle and high school programs, these competition programs offer a stepping stone for competitive students to participate in elite math competitions.


Typically, an RSM student enters the program at his or her individual level and grade. Our multievel curriculums ensure that all students are appropriately challenged and moving between levels is always a possibility. Each grade at RSM is grouped into three levels:


(i) Accelerated: Most new students begin their journey at RSM at the accelerated level where they become accustomed to RSM’s classroom environment, work habits, expectations, and high standards.


(ii) Advanced: At the advanced level, students are provided the fundamental knowledge of mathematics needed to succeed at school and in college.


(iii) Honors: The honors level is recommended for students who exceed at the advanced level. Students are introduced to mathematical challenges and work at a faster pace. At the honors level, students are expected to work independently and to participate in different math competitions.


The following competition preparation programs are designed to prepare students for the rigor of mathematical competitions.


Note: Competition prep programs are recommended as an add-on to the regular RSM program. It should not be considered a substitute because the program relies on what students have already learned at RSM.



Team RSM

USAJMO results 

Team RSM, comprised of students from MCP and NMCP, takes part in many team competitions, such as the Harvard-MIT math tournament (HMMT), Mandelbrot competition, Purple Comet! Math Meet and more.


This year:

  • Team RSM placed 6th out of 150 teams in the team round at the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT).

  • Three current RSM students from the National Math Challenge Program (NMCP) have been invited to compete in the USA Math Olympiad! Participation in the USA MO is by invitation only and is based on the combined results of the AMC10/12 and AIME. Only 1% of all AMC10/12 participants in the USA are invited to the USA MO!

  • Five of our students are among the top 10 scorers of the Mandelbrot competition: Maple region. At the school level, team RSM-Newton, led by our math competition coach Jan Shubert placed first among 49 teams.








    Our Coaches

    Jan Shubert---

    Ph.D. in Physics, Moscow State University, Russia 

    Jan Shubert



    Jan heads the competition program at RSM and his students are among the winners of United States national mathematical competitions, and have gone on to major in math as undergraduates at Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities. The Math Challenge program was created from Jan’s vision for a set of classes that could push students to delve further into the exciting world of advanced mathematics.  






    Alexander Zelenskiy--

    Ph.D. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia.

    Associate Prof. of MSU, Russia. Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa of International Academy of Natural History.

    Alexander Zelenskiy


     Alex possess 25 years of teaching experience in STEM-oriented classes in Moscow, Russia. He is a member of organizing committee of “Lomonosov” Olympiad. His students are constantly among winners of regional and state level Olympiads in Russia.  

     Author of 8 books on the students preparation methodology for various types of math contests and Olympiads.





    Hayk Sedrakyan---

    Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Sorbonne (UPMC), Paris, France

    Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Padua, Padua, Italy

    M.S. in Mathematics, JKU Linz, Austria and TU Kaiserslautern, Germany

    Hayk Sedrakyan


     Hayk has achieved the highest levels of mathematical competition success as a winner in the International Math Olympiads (IMO) in Japan and Greece. He worked as a scientific researcher at the European Commission, was a Professor of Mathematics in Paris and simultaneously has trained students as a Math Olympiad coach in Boston, London, Paris, Singapore, Prague, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and Armenia. Author of 7 books published globally on the topic of problem solving and Olympiad style mathematics





    Andrey Polin---

    M.S. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia

    Andrey Polin


    Andrey’s training in advanced probability theory and statistics makes him an indispensable member of our curriculum team. Andrey creates innovative competition-style problems, and following RSM’s philosophy of keeping students challenged but not overwhelmed, Andrey continually works to design a demanding and engaging curriculum that is appropriate for each grade level.

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