Our Math Programs

RSM offers math enrichment for students in grades K-12.

Over 16 years, RSM has developed a unique accredited math academy curriculum focused on developing core fundamentals and logical thinking.


Instead of simply providing struggling students with math tutoring, our programs offer math enrichment to both struggling and advanced students to help them develop lifelong knowledge skills. Through our "Spiral" approach, each class at RSM builds on the material introduced in the previous class.  Similarly, each year builds on the concepts introduced in the previous class. 

RSM's curriculum for every grade is separated into multiple levels, allowing us to tailor the experience for students of different proficiencies. While our program is most beneficial when started early, our leveled classes allow children to join at any time. We use placement tests for entering students to identify which level will appropriately challenge your child. If necessary, we provide additional math tutoring for students entering mid-year.

Alongside the math school, RSM's summer programs have blossomed and now offer intensive classes that prepare students for the challenges of the coming year or enable them to take a deeper dive into the material covered the previous year. Of course, RSM also continues to run an overnight camp in New Hampshire for students and alumni.



Develop Your Child as a Lifelong Critical Thinker.

Start early and watch your child develop a love for mathematics while building important critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Based on research that links cognitive development in children with early exposure to Algebra and logic problems, RSM's elementary school program is unique to US academies of math. Learn more »



Give your Child a Headstart and the Tools to Succeed.

The road to college begins in middle school. This is a crucial time to build up a solid math foundation and provide your child with the essential tools to navigate his/ her way to the most prestigious colleges. Start on time and watch your child get ahead! Learn more »



Build Your Child's College Portfolio.

While reinforcing a strong foundation in mathematics, our high school program is designed to give students a competitive edge as they prepare for the SAT I, SAT II, and AP tests. Our students build a mastery of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Precalculus. Learn more »



Tutoring is Available on a Limited Basis

While math tutoring is not our main focus, we do have excellent and knowledgeable instructors available for individual or small group tutoring. Tutoring is offered as a way to prepare new students to join ongoing classes throughout the year. More standard tutoring is available on a limited basis for students who require additional preparation for a structured classroom environment. Learn more »



Keep Advancing in Math this Summer

Our Summer School Programs are a great way for new students to become familiar with our approach and prepare for our full-year programs. The summer program is also great for students looking for an extra edge or an exciting new challenge. Learn more »


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