Elementary Math Programs

Develop Your Child into a Lifelong Thinker

Every child deserves the opportunity to love mathematics. Start early and watch your child develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Focused on age-appropriate early exposure to algebra and logic problems, RSM's elementary school program is unique in the US.

An Early Introduction to Algebra and Geometry 


Logic and critical thinking skills can be developed at an early age, and algebra is the ideal tool. Our practices are rooted in the theories of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky, supported by a growing body of research that has come to recognize what we have believed all along: young children's minds can benefit greatly from an early introduction to algebra.  

At the Russian School of Mathematics, we introduce students to algebraic elements starting in kindergarten. By second grade, your students can solve simple algebraic equations and understand the notion of functions. 

To successfully provide this introduction, we developed an elementary math enrichment program that's dynamic, intuitively structured, and appropriately paced for all students.

Advanced Students

Stronger students can lose their natural enthusiasm for a subject if they are not sufficiently challenged. This is entirely too common in traditional classrooms. Our elementary math school provides a great opportunity for channeling the passion of eager young minds into challenging and meaningful pursuit of advanced math topics that will preserve their enthusiasm and allow them to reach their highest potential.

Struggling Students

We provide an important boost to struggling elementary students by helping them develop the skills and confidence they need to start strong in mathematics. Even early in elementary school, children can form lasting perceptions, and it's possible for every child to see math as an exciting subject - not a difficult one. The earlier a child begins his or her journey with us, the more time we have to work through stumbling blocks and help him or her develop a strong foundation in and appreciation of mathematics. RSM's classroom approach is the alternative to elementary math tutoring that works, equipping students with the tools they'll need throughout their education and beyond. 

To learn more about Schedules and Pricing for our Elementary School math program, find the RSM location nearest you.

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