Middle School

Give Your Child a Headstart and the Tools to Succeed

The road to college begins in middle school. This is a crucial time to build up a solid math foundation and provide your child with the essential tools to navigate his or her way to the most prestigious colleges. Start on time and watch your child get ahead!


Starting in 6th grade, our curriculum splits into separate algebra and geometry classes. These classes build on our elementary-level foundation to develop formal algebraic and geometric skills. We give students three full years of both subjects that run in parallel in a sensible and coordinated middle school math enrichment program that ensures they will have enough time to understand deeply and enough practice to solve problems quickly and accurately. This head start is an amazing opportunity for all students to get ahead of their peers and set themselves up for success throughout their high school math careers.  We have classes and middle school math tutoring for students of all levels joining us at any time.

New Students

Middle school is where many students outside of RSM are introduced to algebra for the first time and it is also a point at which many students lose their interest in the subject if they struggle initially.  Our middle school math enrichment programs will provide your student the head start and extra practice necessary to flourish.  Our program can help these students obtain the knowledge they need and to expose them to the excitement and joy of the subject so that they will have the skills, confidence, and attitude necessary to succeed.

Advanced Students

RSM also can provide stronger students the opportunities and challenges they need to stay engaged.  We expose our advanced students to a wide range of problems that help them master algebra and geometry and prepare for math olympiads and competitions. By the end of 8th grade, they will be completely prepared for the math portion of the Johns Hopkins CTY test as well as the AMC 8, and in some cases even the AMC10. We not only aim to give these students critical-thinking skills that will help them stand apart, but also the scores on these famously rigorous tests to prove it.

To learn more about Schedules and Pricing for our Middle School program, please visit the page for the location nearest you.

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