Summer School

Keep advancing your child's math skills

Let our intensive six-week summer math enrichment program prepare your child for the year ahead, while reinforcing the work done over the year.


While the summer provides many students with a valuable break from their rigorous schedules throughout the school year, without any academic challenges or exposure for three months, students do fall behind. Research shows that on average, students regress one month in their scores and ability over the summer. This summer school math program is designed to keep your child moving forward when too many other students are falling behind.

Our math enrichment summer program is an intensive six-week course that builds, develops and reinforces the work done over the year and gets the student ready for the year ahead.  It is also a great way for new students to introduce themselves to our program so they can get comfortable with our approach and prepared for the full year courses without the additional burdens they face during the school year.

Summer school is also a great opportunity to advance and for all students to seek to master their knowledge and get ahead on new material. We also have Olympiad programs specially designed for those seeking additional challenges.

To learn more about schedules and pricing for our summer school math program, find your location nearest you.

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