What Are the Benefits of a Classroom Setting?

A classroom setting is a critical component of our innovative approach to supplemental math education. After over a decade of working with children, we believe that most students learn best when surrounded by peers of a similiar age and level.

At RSM, our average class size is 12 and we limit class sizes to age-appropriate levels. Every teacher's goal is to create an intellectually challenging, yet friendly and supportive, learning environment in which each student receives personalized attention. 

An environment that motivates

We create a special type of learning environment, one where students take pride in their own achievements, as well as in those of their peers. There is a real sense of camaraderie in our classrooms, allowing students to take intellectual risks freely, ask for help when they need it, and form many enduring friendships. The self-confidence, intellectual curiosity, motivation to excel, and advanced study skills students develop in our program transfer easily to other academic and social settings.

Competition that builds confidence

We believe that open competition among peers and honest feedback from the instructor can drive achievement. Our program works progressively to expose students to developmentally appropriate levels of accountability for their performance. We help our students develop a true confidence, one that is balanced with a realistic perception of their strengths and weaknesses in relation to others and supported by an understanding that their hard work and dedication can impact those results.

Friendships that leads to achievements

RSM also works hard to maintain class groups as cohesive units with their teachers whenever possible. While we also are careful to adjust placement when necessary for the success of individual students, we feel that the continuity achieved by keeping a group of enthusiastic and hard-working students together over several years to explore challenges and master skills together can be a life-changing experience for these students as it allows them to create their own space where their intellectual achievements can be celebrated and embraced together.

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