Results Other Math Schools Can’t Beat

At RSM we believe great results should be measurable.

Inside our classrooms, students and teachers use short quizzes and longer school-wide term tests as invaluable learning tools. Through these continual and challenging assessments, we cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in our students. Explore the RSM reviews to find out how our programs and life-long critical thinking lessons change lives.

In addition to the SAT (which our advanced students take in 7th and 8th grade), we encourage and prepare our students to participate in a variety of national and international mathematics competitions.

You and your child deserve to experience the Russian School of Mathematics' results. Schedule a free math evaulation to find out if we're right for you.

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Our own Director of Outreach spoke at TED in 2017

RSM Students Place 11th at HMMT

RSM students place 11th on an international stage

Out of 140 teams, the RSM mathematics team placed 11th in the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament, also known as HMMT. With RSM coaches, who are also our teachers, our students competed against the most prestigious high schools in the world.

Math Kangaroo — International Math Olympiad

For the past 3 years, over 75% of the Massachusetts Math Kangaroo Olympiad winners were RSM students!

Students around the world (from Beijing to Delhi, to London) learn mathematics and RSM believes in measuring our results against an international bar. As an international math competition across over 40 countries, the Math Kangaroo helps define that bar and all RSM elementary and middle school students are encouraged to compete in it!

Johns Hopkins — Center For Talented Youth (CTY)

RSM is "one of the top ten schools"
and its students "some of the brightest
young people in the world."

Johns Hopkins CTY Profile
of RSM's 7th Grade

75% received a 600 and above!

33% received 700 and above!

The US average for 11th grade
is 518

The John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth uses the SAT I Math test amongst 7th and 8th graders to identify uniquely talented students and help them advance on their road to college. The results not sent to colleges and the test is a great opportunity to prepare for a required exam. Of course, the SAT I is primarily a test of logic, timing and math fundamentals so RSM middle school students have a leg up and shown impressive results every year.


RSM's 11th grade SAT average is
774 out of 800

The SAT and SAT II tests are logic and math subject tests taken by most students in their 11th grade. Students that joined RSM during elementary or middle school do not require any additional courses to prepare for the SAT I or SAT II specifically. In fact, many RSM students will have taken the SAT in 8th grade. Of course, students joining RSM in High School will take a curriculum focused on building the math fundamentals required by these two tests and by college courses.


The American Mathematics Contest (AMC 8) is a very challenging national competition that also serves as a qualifying examination for further national and international competitions. Over 340 RSM students took the test last year (which RSM hosted at Harvard University, Masschussets Intstitue of Technology, etc.).

There were over 80 winners. Our 5th graders did particularly well scoring an average 16.25 (placing over 40 of them in the Honor Roll on this 8th grade test).

Our overall school score placed RSM in the Top 5% Nationally and in the top 10 in Massachusetts.

AMC 8 2012 National Team Score Distribution

AMC 8 National Team Score Distribution

AMC 10/12

Of the 40 students that took the AMC 10/12, 15% qualified for the AIME.

The AMC 10 and 12 are also part of the American Mathematics Contest. These examinations are a competition for top high school students across the country (as well as those middle schoolers who excelled on the AMC 8. The top scorers from these exams are then allowed to take the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), an intermediate qualifying examination for the United States' team in the International Math Olympiad.

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