Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring
We believe a great tutor can prepare a child for a test or help them with a specific topic, but he cannot instill a lasting mathematical foundation.


Instead of offering traditional math tutoring, over the past 18 years the Russian School of Mathematics has focused on providing a quality classroom environment with expert teachers and an exceptional curriculum. Our techniques have advantages over math tutoring centers, and we've noticed that they yield the best results.

We do offer elementary, middle, and high school math tutoring programs on a limited basis to

  • enable new students to join ongoing classes,
  • prepare the student who does not fit well into a structured classroom environment for classroom immersions, and
  • prepare students for RSM classes through summer classes.

There are two types of tutoring sessions available:

  • If your child will be joining a class and needs to catch up with classwork they missed earlier in the year, we recommend a Student Teacher – an RSM alumnus who has finished the RSM program with distinction and is extremely familiar with our curriculum.
  • If your child needs a more extensive program, we recommend scheduling sessions with an RSM Teacher.

Online enrollment for tutoring is not available. Please contact your RSM branch to discuss available tutoring options.

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